Bay Area COVID-19 Dashboard

This page is a mirror of the README in the slwatkins/covid GitHub repository. The repo was intended for simple plotting and analyzing COVID-19 cases/deaths, with a focus on the San Francisco Bay Area. The data in the plots below are from the John Hopkins University dataset. The plots below are easily reproducible using the Python code in the repo (which has been organized as an installable package). The package also has useful functions for reading in the COVID-19 data from both the JHU and NY Times datasets.

The Bay Area counties included are:

  • Alameda
  • Contra Costa
  • Marin
  • Napa
  • San Francisco
  • San Mateo
  • Santa Clara
  • Solano
  • Sonoma

Interactive Plots of Current Bay Area Cases

Below, we show the cumulative cases over time for each of the 9 Bay Area counties.

Click here to open the plot directly.